Pro Sports Look

Your sports activities may not be as intense as they once were, but that doesn't mean you're stealing all that bacon for anything but the glory. Eternalize that awesomeness and put it on your wall, with ProSportsLook.

Filling a cavernous void in every man's life, ATL-based PSL turns photos of you stumbling around playing fields hungover into dramatic, visually enhanced Fleer-Ultra-looking posters, created by a guy who was an official artist for the '96 Olympics, and a 7-time sprint champ/3-time all-conference wide receiver at Washington University -- you're laughing cause they're D-III, but he's better than you at everything. Start by browsing templates inspired by pro athlete ad campaigns (each with spots for photo, name/number, position, and team), like the abstract-textured "Baron" (blue, green, or red background, w/ layered graphics like a city skyline, bird wings, bullseyes...), the sunset-backed, soccer stadium-set "Nightgame", or the sepia-treated, coliseum-staged "Gladiator" -- because, as Maximus meant to say, the time for honoring yourself will never be at an end. Next, select your printing material (premium gloss, satin photo, premium canvas), and size from 11x14 to 36x54, then pony up before uploading your sweet action snap, which they'll work over before sending back an image for approval 5-7 days later; if you don't dig it, you can work back and forth to get it right, or if you decide it's just not for you, they'll refund you store credit good for six months, giving you time to drop enough weight to fit onto a 36x54 canvas.

New background templates are added weekly, and they're also planning on rolling out trading cards, giant Fathead-type wall stickers, and calendars by the end of the month -- perfect for psyching yourself up while counting down the days until Red Rover beckons you over.