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Signature sushi rolls and sake in Midtown

The busy man about town is a master of efficiency: catching up on phone calls while he drives, brushing his teeth while he pees, and for a select few, driving while he pees. For sushi with a healthy dose of nightclub, get to RA Sushi

Opening today, RA's plating signature sushi rolls and fusion dishes and slingin' a no-joke selection of imbibeables in a space that replaces the counter-style vibe with a more club/lounge atmosphere overseen by the ex-Fado/STATS GM, thanks to a cavernous high-ceiling'd dining room w/ hanging sake barrels, a stone-backed sushi bar, a 20ft wooden pagoda, an upstairs lounge, and photos of one sexy, sword-wielding, silk-robed lady. Sushi includes standards like Nigiri (Sweet Shrimp, Surf Clam, Hawaiian Yellowtail), Maki (Soft Shell Crab), Hand Rolls, and Tuna Belly, Mackerel, and Octopus Sashimi, plus creative signature rolls like the Crazy Monkey (smoked salmon, mango, cream cheese, avocado, red tempura bits, cashews, mango drizzle) and the crab, shrimp, cucumber, and eel-sauced Tootsy Maki Roll -- which the 69 Boyz want you to dip, baby, soy sauce! The lunch menu rocks Chicken Katsu/Salmon Teriyaki Bento Boxes, Beef Bowls, and the Bara Chirashi Bowl, w/ spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, avocado, and cucumber; dinner boasts noodle dishes like Spicy Chicken Teriyaki Udon w/ chili teriyaki glaze, seafood like Apple Teriyaki Salmon w/ wasabi mashed potatoes, and turfs like the grilled asparagus-/shiitake-shroom-flanked Filet Medallions, which're doing great against the dollar

Beers include Japanese go-tos (Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo) and CO's Fat Tire; they've also got their own RA Sake, plus cocktails like the Bruce Lee-Chee (Hendrick's, SoHo Lychee Liqueur, fresh cucumbers), and shots like the Screaming Ninja (Jaeger, Rumplemintz, Yaegaki Nigori sake), and the Absolut Peach/Pama Liqueur/splash of soda Me Luv U Long Time -- great, provided you can block aside the time in your hectic schedule.