Food & Drink

Irish eats and Guinness BBQ nachos in Midtown

If you want it badly enough, they can send you anything, from a giant pre-fab house, to the 9-CD Romancing the 70s collection from Time-Life, but only if you order right now!!! Mailing a whole damn pub to Atlanta from overseas, Ri Ra

Constructed with rescued 19th century artifacts in south-of-Dublin County Wicklow, then shipped in pieces to Midtown for re-assembly, Ri Ra's an Irish pub with parquet flooring from the same Belfast shipyard that built the Titanic, Dungarvan crystal chandeliers, turn-of-the-century double doors leading to a reclaimed 1800's-era bar, and a private room called Rí Rá Beag, which itself was a miniature pub also transatlantically transported and re-erected here (pubs: Ireland's biggest export after the beer they pour). Pub grub starts with Guinness BBQ Chicken Nachos before moving to burgers like the Paddy Melt (cheddar, Irish rasher, & caramelized onions on grilled rye), and sandwiches like the grilled sourdough, turkey, melted cheddar, sliced apple, smoked bacon, & cranberry mayo Kilcooly, which Tarantino ditched in favor of the less-racist "Bill". More traditional fare includes pies, like the beefy Shepherds and the white-fished Ballycotton (salmon, crab & shrimp, mushrooms, onions, & pastry crust), Boxtys like the grilled chicken w/ roasted mushrooms, sautéed leeks, & parsley sauce, the Guinness-Braised Pot Roast w/ horseradish potato cake, and the sautéed shrimp & lemon-basil-butter'd grilled Cloonbeg Tuna, though you know he gets it whenever he wants

Besides Guinness, there's 16 taps (McSorley's Irish Black, Red Brick Blonde), and 36 bottles (Arrogant Bastard, Young's Double Chocolate Stout, Anchor Steam). There'll also be Wednesday Irish music jam sessions, live acoustic sets on Thursdays, and local bands on Fridays and Saturdays after 10pm, hopefully talented enough that you won't be driven to dismember them and send them back.