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A Downtown Asian joint that's much more than just sushi

Rise's master sushi chef (the only one in ATL) just pushed their menu beyond traditional sushi/sashimi with apps like Ahi Tuna & Tomato Fresco (stacked tuna, fresh mozzarella, mint vinaigrette-drizzled tomatoes) and flash-fried Crab Wontons (w/ sweet chili sauce), lunch including grilled Spicy Kalbi Beef Ribs marinated in a chef's special spicy sauce, and dinners like the Marinated Flat Iron Steak in garlic soy vinaigrette, pan seared and served w/ wasabi mashed potatoes, and the broccoli, potato-croquette-stacked, creamy-miso-sauce-topped Grilled Scottish Salmon, which is so delicious, you'd kilt for it.