Because even West Buckhead deserves hibachi

One constant through much of Asia is chopsticks, which is weird, because a white guy invented the piano. Honoring them nevertheless, Sakura Stix.

West Buckhead's inaugural hibachi-meets-sushi-teria, Stix boasts a grill area with a room-wrapping black iron snake plus walls covered in Japanese newspapers, mounted "soroban" abacuses, and giant chopsticks everywhere: iron ones mounted between the entry doors, wooden jobs resting atop orange booths, and glass iterations inset into windows, so you know you'll at least have Minesweeper. Grilled shrimp appetizer-accompanied hibachi dinners feature meat/seafood combos like the "Imperial" w/ shrimp, lobster tail & filet mignon, the "Samurai" (which gets seared scallops instead of lobster), and the salmon/shrimp/chicken "Shogun", which in high school was totally worth enduring all 10 hours of, cause at one point a naked chick gets into a hot tub. On the sushi side, get going with apps like the octopus, crab, tomago, shrimp & vinegar sesame sauce Seafood Sunomono, yakitori (steak/chicken/shrimp), or fried lobster cakes before getting into special rolls like the deep-fried "Yammy Yammy" (shrimp, crab, yellowtail, salmon, avocado), or a spicy tuna-topped crab roll called the "Japanese Beaver" (see previous sentence's joke).

Stix delivers nearby, and they're thoughtfully letting you BYOB until the state approves their beer/wine papers. Meanwhile, dessert choices include the fried banana/tempura ice cream Honey Moon Boat, and a choco roll w/ coconut crisps & green tea/mango ice cream dubbed the "Sweet Lover" -- play Chopsticks on the foot piano at FAO Schwartz, and it'll be Elizabeth Perkins. So don't do that.