Food & Drink


Since the dawn of civilization, man has gathered sustenance by tracking his prey, using superior intelligence and skill to attack when it least expects, and when that doesn't work, just pressing the gun right up against the TV. Who's laughing now, dog?!? Let someone else handle the hunt for you, then feast on their bounty, at Saskatoon

Just opened Saskatoon's a 300-seat supper lodge that features wild game both on your plate and covering its walls (buffalo/deer heads, etc), antique outdoor gear like oars and snow shoes, faux-antler chandeliers, and a tall stone fireplace, plus a front patio decked with a giant bear statue and camouflage-colored wicker chairs...wait! Where the hell'd they go? Take a shot at starters like wild game eggrolls or wild boar flatbread w/ alfredo & portobellos before attacking formerly water-borne eats like Fisherman's Pasta (littleneck clams, P.E.I. mussels & gulf shrimp in Chardonnay/vermouth/garlic sauce), smoky Idaho rainbow trout w/ plum BBQ sauce, or the oven-roasted, delivered-while-flaming "plank" salmon, whose indignity was doubled, as it wasn't even able to walk it. Bigger "Lodge Specialties" include an eight-ounce elk tenderloin w/ grilled portobellos, an ostrich fan filet w/ citrus-infused red wine demi glace, and double-rack venison rib chops; you can also nab four-week-aged Nebraska steaks (filet, sirloin, blue cheese NY strip...), and birds like the Remington roasted duck, whose dual-breast action is guaranteed to eat just as well as a blade, or your money back

Sas's full bar boasts a wide selection of reds & whites alongside drafts like Guinness, Paulaner, Yuengling, and 420, also what made your eyes all bleary and bloodshot so you couldn't see the screen well enough, and this gun is totally broken anyway, dog.