Saturday Night MARTA Bar Crawl

Public transportation in Atlanta is inconvenient, unsexy, and generally depressing, unless you're completely trashed. Take care of the last one on the cheap, with Thrillist's Saturday Night MARTA Bar Crawl.

Ashby: Space (1310 White St) Hit this cozy lounge and get a shot of tequila or a Long Island Iced Tea for $3; ask for the "Thrillist Special", and for $5, you'll get set up with a Bud Light bottle & shot of Spanish Fly (amaretto & tequila), far more socially acceptable than the kind that helps you get busy behind the truck stop. See stars at

Arts Center:RA Sushi (1080 Peachtree St) From 3-7pm, give RA $5 and they'll give you a sake bomb and a Chang beer -- just like Michael, light but powerful, and boy can it wear the crap out of a polo shirt. More info is available at

North Ave:Engine 11 (30 North Ave) The 100-year-old former firehouse/current tavern with fire extinguisher lamps is hooking you up with $4 wells, $3 Kamikaze shots, and $2 Engine 11 Lager, and considering all that, you probably just get your cat out of your tree yourself. Let it burn at

Brookhaven:Pub 71 (4058 Peachtree Rd) 71 has you set up with 20oz mugs of Warsteiner Hefeweizen for $4, as long as you promise not to ask questions about why an Irish pub is hellbent on serving you German beer. Warsteiner is good for something; get it at

Buckhead:The Taco Stand (3279 Roswell Rd) Brazenly fill your gullet with $2.50 Sam Adams Boston Lager all night at The Stand, where the idea is to drink so many, you can't. Take a stand for Sam at

Inman Park/Reynoldstown:The Shed at Glenwood (475 Bill Kennedy Way) Head into the swanktastic lounge for $2 Magic Hat drafts, plus $1.50 half-shelled Cold Water Oysters, which swear to god they're much bigger under optimal circumstances. Shed up and drink at

Cumberland Transit Center:Jocks & Jills (2996 Cumberland Blvd) A lowly buck at sports-centric J&J'll get you draft pints of Miller Lite or Icehouse, and a chance to see if Jill's had enough to hop on your jock. Jock the party at