It's always wise to save your receipts, whether to exchange crappy Christmas gifts, return busted electronics, or expense meals with clients impressed with your prosperity at ordering regular and curly fries. Cataloging those receipts via your electronics that haven't broken yet, Shoeboxed

Founded in Durham, NC, cheaper-than-a-scanner online document archiver Shoe just launched its mobile app, which organizes snapshots of your receipts both in your PDA and on the 'netz using technology they call "Optical Character Recognition" -- which will recognize you have none, after expensing "business" lunches at Oasis. While there're varying levels of service, they all work about the same: download the app, take a phone-photo of any receipt, and upload it to Shoe's site, where the OCR'll identify all important data (total, vendor, date, etc); everything ends up in an easily searchable Gmail-like database (it can find every piece of info on a receipt, from "Bluepointe" to "lamb chops"), and you can easily export any/all of it to QuickBooks, Quicken, and other rapid-sounding programs that only highlight your slowness. 'Cause plans work annually, they also provide "Catch-up Scans" that let you archive last year's expenditures for your current taxes; beyond receipts, they'll also send you pre-paid envelopes to stuff with business cards (which they promise they'll send back), whose data they'll extract for easy importing to your contact book, so you can forget how the hell you know Martin Albert in two environments

Shoe's premium "Business" plan also gets you extras like a dedicated account manager to answer any questions, plus a free backup data CD every quarter -- if you think your clients are impressed with these, just wait till you show them the duplicates on Mini-Discs!