Southern Marsh

When fratters get together, it's usually for non-constructive reasons like drinking, watching sports, and never, ever, ever having sex with sheep. Get menswear made by productive Greeks who'd rather dress you than haze you, from Southern Marsh.Started by two members of LSU's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter who decided to leverage their secret handshake and penchants for business and design, Southern Marsh's a casually dapper dud line celebrating outdoor activities like hunting and fishing that was created to "give a clean take on throwback southern style", which apparently means more than using a Stain Stick on a Buck Belue jersey. Their newest threads are lightweight cotton pocket tees like the Champions Cup, rocking a B&W photo of jockeyed thoroughbreds stampeding 'round the racetrack, the navy blue Offshore, featuring an encircled green dolphin fish, and the Foxhunt, with a red-coated gent on horseback following hounds as they sniff around for red foxes -- um, maybe you should just check TVLand at 7pm on Fridays, guys. If you're capable of manipulating buttons, they've also got dress shirts embroidered with their duck logo, like the white Oxford (w/ full split tail & choice of duck colors: navy, red, or purple), the pocketless, royal blue Gingham, and the Houndstooth, available in red, purple, and burnt orange, who now needs no reminder as to the TVLand schedule.Finish your fit with twill hats and visors (w/ embroidered duck on front), and accessories like croakies for your shades and neoprene koozies for your beer, which come both single or in packs of five or 10, because you know that's how SAE's roll.