Class it up in Buckhead with some preppy duds

From your mom to your GF, women have always told you how to dress, and you've grudgingly accepted, especially once you didn't get that job after insisting on wearing your lucky "Liquor in The Front..." shirt to both interviews. Now heed more womanly advice, with clothes from Southern Proper.Based here in the A and just dropping a new Fall collection, Proper's a crafter of preppy wear that started with animal-printed neck and bow ties, and's now expanded to knits, tees, boxers, hats, and more, founded by two Southern belles (one from TN, another from NC) named Emmie and Reagan, whose dapper duds will hopefully result in Bush. Their just-released "Cotton Collection" of medium-weight, long-sleeve cotton button-ups're equipped with custom cotton ball embroidery at left-chest (in Cuff Link Pink, Button-Up Blue, Proper Plum, and Whistle White); their moniker-printed "Sweet Tees" can go underneath, like the red "Tied To The South", the baby blue "Original Southern Tie Company", or the navy, front pocketed "Beau Basics", featuring a chart on the back with steps on how to tie a bow tie, because you obviously don't know Bow Diddly. Signature ties rock symbols of the South in allover patterns, like the bow-tie "Beaus" (get it?!?), which include the "Black Eyed Pea" (w/ bean print, in light blue, orange, or brown), while others get tobacco, okra, and pocket knives; the diagonally striped "Field" models include the "Bulldog" (red, w/ black stripes & white dogs), and the orange or red "Cotton Pickin' Repp" (w/ blue stripes), while office-/church-suited "Gents" boast horizontal lines and rock prints like fishing lures, surfboards, and shotguns...y'know, for weddings.The ladies're also peddling a multitude of "Proper Polos" in colors ranging from Melon to Rebel Red; additionally, you can grab a set of star-patterned tie/cummerbund sets, or boxers printed with marlins, cotton blossoms, or black labs, which'll only make you nostalgic for the "Beware of My Weiner" dachshund shirt you grudgingly hung back up before your big interview at Nathan's.