Point 3

It's important to look the part when you play sports, unless of course you're trying to perpetrate an extended hustle, even if your time would be better spent teaching Rosie Perez how to properly pronounce "Vesuvius". Giving you ballin' form and function without the backwards multicolored hat: Point 3.Just dropping today (even if your jumper isn't...burn!), ATL-originated Point 3 is anti-And1 stylish (no crazy color combos, no ankle length shorts) b-ball gear outfitted with trademarked technology that's "engineered specifically for on-court performance", although hopefully it lives up to that claim better than Marvin Williams. And Darvin Ham. And Shareef Abdur-Raheem. The wears're made with odor-murderin' anti-microbial fibers, and their DRYV technology controls body moisture by absorbing it into the microfiber-paneled surface, making it perfect for hand-wiping so you can maintain optimal ball control, which can also be accomplished by thinking about other sports called baseball. Garb includes tops like the snug-fitting white Base tank and the black Free tank with diagonal orange lines at the collar, the long-but-not-too-long-inseam'd Baller shorts with curved knee cuts for mobility, and the arm-warming "Shooter" sleeve, with DRYV around the wrist to "keep your face dry" -- a tall order, once you realize you're basically wearing a Marky Mark movie.They've also got the exterior-pocketed Sak gym bag, which'll hold your ball plus a few extra items, and a hooded outdoor training top with thumb loops and a trimmed hood for optimal vision, helping you finally see that when Rosie Perez says she wants a glass of water, that crazy broad doesn't actually want a glass of water at all.