Polos, rugbys, and track jackets from a VaHi boutiquery

Fashion types are typically inspired by the prospect of glamor, fame, and the smug satisfaction of seeing their names compressed onto impossibly narrow butts. Taking scrappier inspiration, Striver's Row.A comfortably elegant boutique decked out with plants, hardwood floors, and a red crystal chandelier beaming down on a matching area rug, Striver's comes from a trio of music, fashion, and entertainment execs infatuated with a landmarked Harlem area that in the 1940s attracted hard-working, successful "strivers", plus notables from W.C. Handy (father of the blues) to Adam Clayton Powell Jr. (father of Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Jr.). The uncomplicated, casual gear's highlighted by WeSC jackets ("Finland": blue, & white, w/ mock collar, & Atari-like front logo; "Henry": white, w/ fine blue pinstripe) and polos ("Quentin": silver/gray/blue/sea green stripes; "Peru": blue-gray, w/ orange interlocking logo text), plus the African cotton, Japanese-constructed brand PRPS: everything from dark-rinsed, bronze-riveted "Distressed Denim" to the blue "Star" button-up with an allover white U.S. flag-inspired star pattern -- perfect, because these colors don't run, and neither do you. There're also new drops from Dope Couture (gray/teal logo tees), Play Cloths jackets (teal, gray, & white, hooded nylon "Public School"; brown, white-striped collar, polyester "You're It"), and several more denim labels, from Cali's Adriano Goldschmied and Dylan George, to Japan's Studio D'Artisan and Warehouse Duck Digger, who utilize durable "canvas duck" material, and were named for the hero of Disney's Boogie Nights. As one Striver partner co-owns TI's record label, they'll have first access to polos, rugbys, track jackets, hoodies, and jeans from Akoo, or "A King of Ones Self" -- though if that were true, wouldn't you want the smug satisfaction of having your own name on your butt?