Super Bowl Snackage Guide

While there hasn't been a Super Bowl appearance for the Dirty Birds since they were dancing it, you've still gotta host/attend/crash a Big Game brouhaha. To ensure you're full/not-thirsty, we're giving you some infallibly easy dish & drink recipes from top-notch ATL mixologists and chefs -- true authorities on munchies, even if they're not quite at Jonathan Babineaux's level.

Potato Chip NachosFrom Joyce Brandes, Rosa Mexicano Courtesy of Rosa's ATL exec chef, this steak, blue cheese & pepper-topped snack platter nixes the traditional nacho base for two large bags of thick-cut chips -- also the name of Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox's in-the-works reunion episode. These'll feed up to 12 folks; get the recipe here

Roasted Pork Belly Hot DogsFrom Jason Hill, Wisteria Create your own meaty dogs using the Wisteria owner/chef's blueprint, which includes skilleted 4" slices of pig paunch topped off with homemade guacamole in a potato bun, all helping to keep yours firmly planted in the couch. Click here to let the dogs out

Bourbon BowlFrom Brandon King, Gold Room GR's bar manager's concocted this sweet & sour diddy employing a liter of whiskey or Bourbon of your choosing, because while the game may be in Miami, "no self respecting guy drinks a mojito when he's not on or near a beach" -- and while Matt Ryan didn't make it, at least Falcons fans will get to participate in a bowl of some kind. Combine football with Bowling by using this recipe