Coma-inducing burgers and seafood at Austell soul food shack

Go Mississippi at just-opened Sweet Tea's in Austell, delivering soul-soaked food and live blues in a comfortable 50-seat shack with half-bare-wood/half red & yellow painted walls, golden cylindrical hanging lamps and chandeliers, and a down-home stone-tiled bar. Sate your raging hunger with the 1/4lb Momma's Burger, kicked up with her special cayenne-pepper seasoning, wings (garlic pepper, honey BBQ, lemon pepper), and ribs, or nab Delta dishes like Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey (as whole and half birds, white or dark meat plates, or sandwiches), served with sides like Mac & Cheese, Sweet Potato Souffle, or Greens with Smoked Turkey Necks, leaving the birds no choice but to do robotic anti-smoking PSAs.