Real Housewife of ATL’s plush clothing shop in Smyrna

The Real Housewives of Atlanta have achieved most of their fame for engaging in catfights and not being actual wives, although you wouldn't know that, because you definitely don't watch them every week while soaking your feet in exotic bath salts. Well, now one of them's getting famous for making sure you're not naked, with TAGS Boutique

Owned by former Xscape member/Real ATL Housewife Kandi Burruss, TAGS is Smyrna's newest purveyor o' duds, with men's gear comprising over 60% of their inventory and most items thoughtfully priced under $100, decked with a rectangular candle chandelier hanging from a platinum-painted ceiling above a raw concrete floor with purple velvet couches and a large black leather ottoman featuring coffee table books about concept cars, Michael Jackson, and a Beatles volume entitled "Eight Days a Week", coincidentally the same period of time you wear most outfits. Kandi and partner Peaches Chin hit Vegas/NY trade shows to unearth brands and new collections that haven't already flooded ATL, like Five-Four short sleeve v-necks, and a fresh drop of LA-based Local Celebrity tees with bold-texted slogans like "Call My Agent", and "I Am Here On 'Business'", written in black and sandwiched between two red lines, which any lady can read between if you're in front of a Fulton Industrial motel. Heavier duds include cotton button-ups from Sovereign Code, soft cotton blue thermal v-necks and sweater hoodies from Johnny Max, and a wide selection from NY-based Seduka, like woven button-downs and black zip jackets in thin denim or pleather; for your lower half, there's just-flashy-enough Seduka denim, and additional jeanery from MEK Denim and Cult of Individuality, plus cargos from T-Stone, T-Pain's much chiller brother who watches a whole lotta Animal Planet

TAGS' official grand opening'll happen in another week, where you can expect live music and plenty of special invited guests, likely including the rest of those "housewives" -- rejoice that you'll finally be able to trade toenail color tips with Nene, who you've been looking forward to meeting since you first never heard of her.