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Housemade salsa and tequila-heavy 'tails in Sandy Springs

There's an old saying that goes "there are no bad tacos, only bad people" -- actually, there's not, but there is now, and guess what you are if you say otherwise. Proving that wisdom right, Teela Taqueria. A pastel-heavy, stone-tiled space littered with wooden animal carvings and rocking a sweet Heritage Park-facing patio, Teela's from the owner of Roswell's defunct Fishmonger Seafood Grill, a man whose approach to soft tacos is as puritanical as that puritan who totally put out and had to walk around with that "A", for "Awesome". Everything (even the salsas) is house-made, starting with five classics: Brisket, crispy fried Tilapia, twice-cooked Pork Carnitas (w/ corn & pepper pico, cilantro, onions), Fried Pollo (roasted red pepper, chipotle aioli), and the pulled chicken-, rice-, sesame seed-, and pun-garnished Holy Mole Chicken. Teela goes on to give the taco treatment to old Fishmonger appetizers, like the smoky chili aioli Bang Bang Shrimp, the Southern BLT (w/ fried green tomatoes & feta), and the mango salsa'd blackened fish-of-the-day Fins On Fire -- which'd be a hot Skinemax movie starring Salmon Tweed. Back at the semi-circle bar, Teela's offering four taps, $7 by-the-glass wines, fresh mojitos, and a heavy selection of $6, $8, and $10 tequilas ranging from Voodoo Tiki to Senor Frog -- named after the bar where everyone's a bad person, because they made you take your top off.