Some potent tees in Castleberry Hill

When most people think of clothing worn by those who dabble in the smoking of the grass, they picture hemp, tie-dyes, and...oh man, where the hell did I put my Chili Cheese Fritos? And now, t-shirts, thanks to THC International

The cottony baby of a Morehouse alum that's just now dropping nine new styles, THC's a cannabis-glorifying collection of tees that stands for "The Honorary Citizen" (ahem), which the founder claims is all about promoting connections with other cultures through nature's most beloved plant, all while remaining a productive member of global society -- because there's no more essential cog in the machine than the guy who makes the weed shirts. Every tee's got an underlying message intended to inject pride into tokers, like the Cheech & Chong-inspired "Slow Poke Van", featuring a "Sweet & Low" van driven by Looney Tunes' Slow Poke Rodriguez, or the "THC Logo", with the company's official symbol (a brown lion's head sitting on a golden leaf) and the number 38 printed on the back, bemoaning the year Mary Jane became illegal, Reefer Madness was released, and Siam was renamed Thailand, sadly leaving Siam-Sticks as nothing more than a clouded memory. Other less-overtly smoky styles include "Love Stronger", w/ a heart-shaped head of a growling grizzly bear; "Higher Learning", getting a crown-bearing crest intended to big-up knowledge of self; and the politically minded "Child Soldier", with a Rastafarian boy carrying an assault rifle on front, and on the reverse, the Peter Tosh quote "You can't blame the youth of today", challenging people to remember we're all products of our environments -- which is exactly why you're so damn temperate deciduous

If you loooove showing of your chest hair, they've got your v-necks, like one with Cheech & Chong on the front and "Dude" printed in cursive along the back shoulder, and the "THC Tiger", with a big crouching cat on the front that looks ready to attack at any moment, and...oh man, dude, did I eat all the Frosted Flakes, too?