Use The Right Tool For The Job

Using a laptop on the go with a 3G connection: it's not crazy like a door-to-door salesman wearing nothing but an Indian headdress as he tempts DeAngelo Hall to purchase a brand new set of steak knives, but still, it's pretty crazy. Get life changingly powerful mobile Internet with CLEAR™, now rolling through Atlanta with an unstoppable fury. Bringing unmatched speed and clarity, CLEAR basically turns your entire city into a hotspot, all thanks to support from WiMAX -- the next generation in mobile Internet, it stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, even though it's strangely ineffective at heating up French-bread pizza. The system works so fast, you may feel like you're working on your broadband at home, or whoever's home you typically invade in order to use their broadband. That means you can easily stream movies and sports, download music, or just aimlessly web-surf, whether you're stuck in traffic, at the ballpark, or waiting in line for tickets to the Springsteen concert back in 1977, when people actually waited in line for concert tickets. As for plans, they're both reasonable, and flexible. For all the information you can handle, just visit, and you'll very quickly enter the information super-highway hall of fame.