Vintige Collection

A bold t-shirt can help a man grab attention without saying a word, but if you don't say a word too loudly, people will silently tell you to shut the hell up. Strike the right balance, with Vintige Collection

Founded by an AIU grad, Vintige's fitted tees are plastered with responsibly showy designs conveying modest swagger -- a style that's helped the line creep up the backs of local luminaries from producer Bangladesh to DJ Don Cannon. The latest drops: "Shoe Fetish" (a classily naked vixen posing atop a mound of sneaks), the black & silver "Infinity" (interconnected figure eights resembling Olympic rings), and "Real Recognize Real" in purple and blue-green pastel (real also recognize teal). Updates on past designs include black and green editions of "I (Heart) My Fresh" (w/ derby'd boombox-holder inside heart), "War Means Nothing" (w/ b&w soldier shots inside the text) and -- now in royal blue or purple -- "Still Spending 90's Money", suggesting you're either a preternaturally wise investor, or Gavin Rossdale.

In the near future, Vintige is planning on expanding to backpacks, fitted hats, even laptop bags, a far subtler way to call attention to your computer than that wacked out dentist kid who's been shrieking from it for weeks.