There's nothing worse than committing yourself to an eBay auction only to run out of time and be outbid at the final second, except, of course, actually winning that bust of Connie Chung. Offering you a little more time to snake the auction goods you crave, Wavee

Just-launched, ATL-based Wavee's a unique electronics auction site throwing up 20-30 items every day -- from MacBooks and LG flat screens to Wiis and Bose speaker systems, all of which can end up going for silly-cheap prices (e.g., a $100 Best Buy gift card recently went for $3) -- but with a unique twist: whenever you or anyone else bids, 20 seconds are added to the clock, a feature sorely lacking from the Falcons' game this past Monday night. Here's how it works: every bid you place requires "credits" (which you receive at sign-up, for inviting friends, or buying something); once you see an item you want, bid on it by spending a credit, and the price'll pop up just one penny over the previous high (although next week, you'll be able to increase it in increments of 2¢, 10¢, & 20¢), and everybody's given an extra 20 seconds to go through their couch for change. You'll also randomly earn chunks of Bonus Credits just for bidding on items; if you're short on time you can set up a Bid Bot, which'll continuously bid for you once you've set terms on 1) the price at which you'll start bidding, 2) the highest amount you're willing to pay, and 3) the limit of credits you'll use -- just consider that a shortage of credits is exactly why DeVry never certified you as an accredited air conditioner repairman

Lose a bidding war, and you'll also get a "Bid To Buy" option, which lets you purchase the item at near-retail price, but also applies the cash value of your Bonus Credits ($.60/per item) to the amount you've spent, so you'll still generally end up saving at least $10-15 bucks on whatever you purchase, or, just enough to cover one week's worth of Connie Chung Bronze-O.