YEAH! Burger

Customizing something is always sweet, whether it's your shoes, car, or Kit Kittredge doll, even though it's unrealistic, as she's actually mad poor and only has the one set of clothes. Letting you create the bun & patty setup you truly desire, YEAH! Burger

Officially opening Thursday, YEAH! is the fast-casual burger brainchild of local culinary star Shaun Doty and his buddy Lil' Jon (just kidding, Erik Maier), letting you custom-rig natural and organic meats, breads, sauces & cheeses, in a space boasting an open kitchen with an LED-framed tile archway and enviro-conscious details like Cypress wall paneling recovered from a river, just like the baby from Willow, but much less terrified of Warwick Davis. Start by choosing bun options such as Southern white or whole wheat (baked exclusively by H&F Bakery), then pick from White Oak Pastures grass-fed beef, naturally-raised bison, organic turkey or chicken breast; next, add cheese (American, blue, pimento, Swiss), toppings like Vidalia onions, nitrate-free bacon, and fried cage-free eggs, then finish with sauce like Sweet Alabama relish, bacon jam, and "Duke's mayo", which is somehow consistently good despite being startlingly white. Beerwise, they've got six bottles plus drafts including 420, Harpoon UFO and Spaten Optimator; there're also organic & biodynamic wines, plenty o' spirits (High West Silver Oat whiskey, Russel Reserve 6-year rye), and cocktails like the "Father's Office", which has Johnnie Red, Cherry Herring, sweet vermouth, OJ, and a large stash of Jugs back-issues under the desk

They've also got Shaun's red chili and all-natural, grass-fed hot dogs, plus desserts like organic ice cream blended with toppings like chocolate-covered coffee beans or peanut butter cups, called "Concretes" -- exactly what Kit'll need to be pouring if she ever hopes to get one of those Play Outfits that privileged skank Ruthie's always running around in.