Food & Drink

A Thai/Japanese fusion joint with an enormous menu

Loving nature and turning a profit don't have to be mutually exclusive; just look at paper-recycling companies, operations that make solar panels, and most prominently, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Bringing biospheric adoration to the business of Asian cuisine, ZEN On Ten

Just out of a super-soft open, ZEN's a sushi bar/bistro serving rolls, Thai grub, and serious sips, run by a Thailand-born GA Tech B-School grad who displays a self-professed love of nature through his 100-seat setup of bamboo floors, brown granite atop the checkered wood bar, and birds'-nest-inspired hanging lamps; his earthy affinity doesn't get in the way of his bank book, as displayed by prints of "the five elements": earth, wind, fire, water, and interestingly, money, which makes you wonder if somewhere, it really does grow on trees. Things get rolling with Thai apps like Ka-nom Jeebs (steamed chicken & shrimp dumplings), and Japanese starters like baked green mussels and Ahi Poki diced tuna marinated w/ olive oil and balsamic; sushi rolls include Red Dragon (fried Amaebi shrimp tempura topped w/ snow crab), Shrimp Extreme (over tempura & avocado), and the riceless, deep-fried salmon, snow crab, and asparagus-packed Hot Night Roll -- also the maneuver to pull when your midnight kinky blow torch session goes horribly wrong. For bigger bites, you can throw chicken, beef, or mixed seafood into entrees like Pad See-U (flat noodles w/ egg & broccoli), curries including Massaman w/ coconut milk, potatoes, avocado, green bean and cashews, and stir-fried fare like the green bean, red bell pepper, and tangy chili-sauced Pad Prik King -- also the name of the MTV Cribs episode starring Simon Cowell

ZEN's got 41 wines, PBR, Blue Moon, 420, and Guinness on draft, import bottles like Singha and Tsingtao, plus 28oz fishbowls like the "Shrunken Head" and "Volcano Blast" -- a delicious, nature-themed drink that will undoubtedly help you to woooo! your date.