1. Tso Chinese Delivery
Multiple locations

There’s a reason you’ve been seeing red and white cars with Tso’s logo all over the city: Austin’s gone loco for Tso… in the best way possible. Maybe it’s the free delivery? Maybe it’s because they pay their staff a fair wage and stick to a no-tipping policy? Or maybe it’s just because the food is so darn delicious? Most likely it’s all three. Popular menu items include General Tso Chicken, Fried Rice, Lo Mein, soups, and a surprisingly lengthy vegan menu.

3. Fil N’ Viet
East Austin

Owned by Filipino-Vietnamese couple Rosie and Kevin, this awesome food truck brings you flavors from both cultures, either meshed together or standalone. Menu stars include Lemongrass Chicken, Wild Mushroom Tofu Adobo (as a Banh Mi), and Chicken Inasal. They also have a few Vietnamese Iced Coffee options available if you need to cool down under the trees.
How to support: Stop by for counter service.

4. Osome
Your Home

Love omakase but also love staying home? Then bring the experience to your own dining room. Sushi chef John Gocong has worked with the likes of Nobu and Uchi and now offers private dining experiences via a journey of 15 to 23 courses (featuring a mix of crudos, nigiri, and yakitori) along with dessert and an optional sake pairing. It’s a one-of-a-kind Austin experience for the ultimate AAPI Heritage Month home celebration.

6. H Mart
Lakeline Boulevard

If you liked your visit to 99 Ranch, consider venturing a little further up north until you reach Asian import Disney Land that is H Mart. The legendary Korean supermarket is more than just a supermarket—here you’ll find a giant food court with dining options ranging from sushi to bibimbap, a Tous Les Jours bakery, a Korean hairdresser, an arcade and a beauty shop. This is as close to Seoul as you’ll get in the state of Texas. Grocery highlights. meanwhile. include their homemade kimchi, sushi-grade fresh fish, and Tteok-bokki Rice Cakes, among other enticements.
How to support: Stop by to browse and shop.

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