1. Alta's
Town Lake

Alta’s kicks off our list with a laid-back vibe that still promises carefully curated flavors and small offerings such as Counter Culture coffee drinks and fresh bagels delivered daily from Austin’s own Rosen’s Bagel Co. The venue lets you enjoy every aspect of the area’s natural beauty, with a wide yet cozy balcony surrounded by trees and overlooking the lake. Plus, they have a refreshing slate of smoothies, perfect for the hot temperatures.
How to book: Stop by for counter service.

3. Mozart's Coffee Roesters

Just a few steps away from Hula Hut and operating for just as long, Mozart’s is a well-loved Austin institution. Arguably the most iconic coffee shop in town, Mozart’s has earned every bit of praise. Their pastries, coffee, and lively yet casual atmosphere make for the perfect hangout, date night, or even study spot. With live music almost every night, Mozart’s does its part to stay true to Austin’s roots as a musical hub. And the view is just great.
How to book: Stop by for counter service.

4. Ski Shores Waterfront Cafe
Manana West

Nothing caps off a day on the lake better than a full stomach of hearty American fare. Recently reopened with a 70s and 80s lake aesthetic, this classic Austin venue lets diners fill up on a range of burgers, hotdogs, seafood and chicken baskets, and more. Kids can beat the heat with a nice root beer float while parents sip on a tasty frozen pina colada or margarita. And, if you just so happen to have a friend with a boat, y’all can dock it right out front.
How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating or call (512) 572-2997.

5. County Line on the Lake
Bull Creek

If you’re coming to Texas, you’re going to want barbecue. If you’re wanting barbecue overlooking the water, you’re going to want to hurry your way over to The County Line. Their legendary, slow-smoked BBQ is so good you may forget to look up and notice their equally legendary panoramas. There’s not much more to say here. This place has serves great meat and great views.

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