Antonelli's Cheese Shop

Couples typically spend their honeymoon not pondering the future, even as they unwittingly set in stone their next 18 years, or 30, if their kid's deluded enough to think he can be the next Richard Grieco. Consciously charting a new life course, the couple behind Antonelli's Cheese Shop.Hawking a nose-tingling selection of mostly American artisanal cheeses out of a quaint red brick store-front, Antonelli's was conceived during a local pair's post-knot-tying trip to Grenada (someone's a Heartbreak Ridge fan), after the husband abruptly proclaimed his intention to ditch his accounting job for milkier pastures, to which his wife enthusiastically responded, "gouda-luck". Pop in, and the owners themselves will guide you through their bulging cheese-case, offering plentiful samples and stories, starting with Lone Star offerings like CKC's fresh goat cheese (made by a Texas State student), Pure Luck Dairy from Dripping Springs' "Hopelessly Blue", and a hard Parmesan from Waco's Brazos Valley Cheese, so delicious it'll leave you in a state of Dave Bliss. Other standouts include Silver Mountain's olive oil-rubbed cheddar, a sweet earthy Blue from Boucher Farms in Vermont, and a clothbound cheddar by Cabot Creamery that's wrapped in lard and aged in cave-like cellars, the coagulated, XBox-less equivalent of the average American teenager. Because cheese without meat is madness, they've also got cured delicacies like proscuitto de Parma, sopressata, whole salami and, soon, pancetta. Because anything without beer is madness, they also carry craft brands from Fireman's 4 and Bootlegger Brown to Brooklyn Local 2 and Malheur's Brut Reserve -- a bubbly brew that enjoyed a brief critical honeymoon, but is totally deluded if it thinks it can be the next Champagne of Beer.