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Asi es Colombia

Colombia's reputation has long revolved around a substance so addictive, it can turn proud men into slobbering supplicants deaf to warnings that their all-consuming appetite could one day leave them unrecognizable even to loved ones: delicious cow. Bringing the meat to Austin, Asi es Colombia.The proud offering of a recently arrived mother and son eager to remedy our Colombian dining deficiency, Asi's a hole-in-the-wall culinary embassy bustling with national flags, national trinkets, and loin-enlivening South American music that could seduce a man into making the biggest mistake of his life (dancing). Answering the most vexing philosophical question of the 1980s, the menu offers beef in all its in-carne-tions, from Lengua a la Criolla (sauced tongue w/ potatoes & yuca), to Bistec Criollo (skirt w/ twice-fried plantains), to the monolithic Bandeja Paisa platter: carne asada, ground beef, pork rinds, sausage, two fried eggs, white rice, beans, sweet plantains, avocado, arepas, and a business card for Lavin & Lavin, currently seeking plaintiffs for a class-action against airlines' two-seats/two-tickets policies. More animal kingdom comes via dishes like Chuleta de Cerdo (breaded pork), Mojarra Frita (whole fried tilapia), and Pollo Sudado, a chicken stew with potatoes, yuca, white rice, and, once again, plantains, to the dismay of the banana-man, who now must go home tally-less to his banana-wife and banana-children.In addition to traditional fare, Asi's also taking on el perro caliente with the likes of the Andres Salchi Papa (fried hot dog w/ fried potatoes & arepa) and the cheese/ pineapple sauce/ mayo/ ketchup/ crushed chip topped Perro de Andres, an all-consuming appetite for which'll have even loved ones calling you El Giant.