Bearded Lady

While those "Keep Austin Weird" shirts were great at first, these days the only thing weird about buying one is that you're shopping for clothes at the airport. Fitting Austin with fresh styles, Bearded Lady.Bearded's a screenprinting shop run by pair of music scene vets out of an east-side warehouse space that also serves as a storefront and practice space for their cover band, The New Drugs, honoring Huey Lewis, who actually hasn't done a new drug since the Quaalude was invented. Their spanking local-centric tees include an 80s lady snorting a line of powder that spells out Austin, a twist on the old Dr. Pepper slogan ("Be a Slacker"), the city name in frost-topped Topo Chico font, and, truly nailing down the spirit of one of America's uniquely charming communities, a shirt declaring "Austin is a city where people live & stuff". Because Bearded's creativity will not be constrained, other T designs include a pair of Burt Reynolds-faced unicorns under a rainbow ("Dreams Come True"), a version of the classic tuxedo shirt that shows an entire suit, and a profile of David Lee Roth as Mona Lisa -- clearly, someone was hot for art teacher. The storefront also showcases Bearded-designed rock posters (hundreds of touring and local acts), plus novelties like playing cards repping dead bass players from Cliff Burton to Charles Mingus, a "Book of Art" commemorating same-named screen legends (Bea Arthur, Arthur Fonzarelli, Art Carney...), and a pocket notebook with covers made from Lone Star packaging -- perhaps a nod to a long-abandoned mission, Keep Austin Cheap.