Beyond Tradition Men's

While there's always been a healthy Austin-to-LA pipeline, the reverse is rare -- who wants to leave the glitz of Hollywood for the glamor of 100-degree heat and eating tacos for breakfast every morning? Well when you put it like that... Introducing Beyond Tradition Men's.

Curated by an expat L.A. fashion designer, Beyond recently transformed from a women's jewelry outpost to a man-fashion cave, painting the pink walls blue and adding a massive wood table and reclaimed fence posts to display a slew of guy brands as unheard of in Austin as oxygen bars. Please, Matthew McConaughey, bring us an oxygen bar. There's a heavy emphasis on accessories and mewelry, including Ransom Scout & Co. wallets adorned with bizarre cartoon characters and their backstories, Central-American inspired silverworked bracelets and pendants inlaid with onyx and obsidian, and a buffalo-leather backpack adorned with buf' teeth, wild turkey feathers, and bobcat claws, nature's compensation for the comedian's perpetually pubescent voice and addiction to tear gas. They're also rocking jeans with raised skull detailing from Laguna Beach, dark waxed looks from MEK Denim, and heavily distressed plaid shorts with built-in belts from Buffalo David Bitton, a Montreal brand surprisingly unconcerned with covering every part of the animal.

Beyond's also got your upper half on lock with reggae-influenced tees like Enrich's mirror-image Marley print and Cooyah's red/yellow/green "Reggaelution", as well as a serious selection of sub-$100 wovens, including English Laundry's collab with Scott Weiland, a man who, no matter where he lives or how many breakfast tacos he eats, just can't fill his Big Empty.