Critter Gitters

It's ludicrous for a hunter to outfit himself with the most sophisticated weaponry and high-tech gear, only to roll up to the killing fields in a sedan (unless it's that sedan from that commercial, and he's trying to lure out more animals). Get a vehicle worthy of your place in the ecosystem, from Critter Gitters.Based in League City, Gitters is an extreme hunting mod-shop boasting "If you can dream it, we can build it", and out to push the limits of off-road capability, hunting efficiency, and absurd comfort for a client base that ranges from South TX ranchers to the King of Dubai, even though he should probably be hunting tenants for all those office towers. Past fearsome conversions include:1999 Ford F-350 Dually Scissor LiftGitters equipped this truck with a camo-wrapped second-level hunting blind from which you can actually steer the vehicle, as well as a scissor-lift that raises half of the shooting platform to heights of over 20 feet, so you can look into that Ent's eyes before you blast it. 2005 Jeep Wrangler TJA 4' suspension lift, Rockclimber wheels, and custom rock sliders make this an un-killable off-road monster; also added are custom 2-gun scabbards, a high shooting post, and two front-fender quail-hunting seats (your Duck-Hunting seats being your couch). Critter Gitter 4Built from the ground up and looking like a cross between a tank and a pontoon, the CG4 was outfitted with practical-gearheadery like a 4-link coil-over suspension and 48-inch tires, dream accessories like a hydraulic game rack, night vision cameras, and a retractable canopy, and luxur-idiculousness like baby alligator upholstery and a margarita machine (despite the giant tires, they don't encourage you to drive on the rocks).If aqua-beasts are more your style, they'll also outfit boats with flounder-specific rigs and bow-fishing platforms -- because given your place in the ecosystem, it's ludicrous to wait for the fish to come to you.