Confession without repercussions

French literary critic Jacques Derrida once wrote an essay called "On Forgiveness". Which he'll never live down. For everyone who didn't bother reading it, visit Seriously Sorry.

Curated by a graphic designer from Austin creative collective Public School, SS is a virtual confession booth inspired by the creator's lingering regret over a particularly vicious roadside egging; it asks the guilty to submit their own atonements, and lets everyone else vote "accept" or the ever-tempting "deny". Some lightly expurgated pleas for forgiveness:

Disabled Distress: "Sorry I gave your colorblind child a rubiks cube for his birthday. My bad."

Because I Got...: "Dear dude at ACL, sorry I stole your sandals. Something impelled me to grab your sandals, dance with them, and take them with me. You were unaware of this, cuz I am sneaky. Still, that sucks, they were rainbows."

Breast Intentions: "Dear crazy lady who lives below me, I'm sorry I avoid you like I might catch a deadly disease from you, but every time you corner me all i can think about is how you aren't wearing a bra. Your boobs are weird."

For the really, really, really sorry, SS will snail mail a physical note to your "victim" -- so your regrets are certain to be read, and you can start feeling like less of a jacques-ass.