...and Robin

With hordes of nerd-licious celebrities descending upon Austin for Comic Con, we arranged for some sweet This or That with everyone's favorite comic-book hero...Burt Ward Robin!

Infinite Henchmen or an elaborate series of traps? An elaborate series of traps. Due to the constraints of the show, there was always going to be a limit to the amount of henchmen. I'm a literalist.

Chris O'Donnell as Robin, or Robbin' Chris O'Donnell, with a switchblade? I don't think of Chris O'Donnell as Robin. I think of myself as Robin. Chris is just an actor who played him one time.

"BAM!" or "POW!"? Oh geez, both of those are correct. If you asked which one was used more, I'd say POW!

Batphone or iPhone 4? Of course the Batphone. There weren't any iPhones. That's like saying, "Would you rather pick the Batmobile or a flying saucer?"

Cesar Romero or Jack Nicholson? Cesar Romero, because he fit in with our bigger-than-life concept. Jack is a terrific actor, but he just played a badass guy, whereas Cesar had the refinement of a character that was out of this world.

Batusi or Rockin' Robin? Batusi. Adam came up with that dance. He said he was out the night before having a wild time with a young lady. As he described it, "the horizontal mambo" -- and that's where he got the idea for the dance.

Player Piano Paper Puncher Death Trap, or ANY OTHER KIND OF DEATH TRAP? That's difficult to say, because there was such a tremendous scope of traps in the other 119 episodes. I'd have to say any other kind of death trap, because there is such a staggering variety.

Same bat time, or random syndication? Same bat time.