Grav Labs

Guys who remain under their parents' roof are more likely to indulge in questionable behavior -- their folks already know the story, plus, what else're you supposed to blow unspent rent money on? Actually funding his liberation with those same bad habits, the man behind Grav Labs

Started by a twentysomething Austinite while he was still living with his parents, Grav Labs began with the mission of introducing the world's black-lit living rooms to the Gravitron: an affordable all-glass gravity job with a sealed chamber that releases smoke in a controlled vacuum, making for the most efficient experience possible, because as the saying goes, waste not, want pot. The next stop on the Innovation Express: a re-imagination of the classic one hitter implementing Grav's patented "Helix" tech, which uses angled micro-holes in the pipe stem to slow down smoke intake, infuse it with air (increases smoothness), and create a tornado-like swirling effect in the funnel-shaped chamber, which slows the burning, adds more air and, most crucially, looks freaking sweet. Less space-age but still helpful are long-stemmed Gandalf & percolated water-pipes with common-sense features like an in-pipe ash catcher to keep your mouth clean of loose...tobacco, plus a custom-designed splash guard -- just because you're using a waterpipe doesn't mean you need be a wet Willie

Although the early '00s court ruling that imprisoned nice-dreamer Tommy Chong for internet pipe sales keeps Grav from hawking wares online, you can find their products in reputable smoke shops all over town -- just don't let mom find your purchase, or she'll..."Oh, dear, I'll just go make you some cookies".