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Pilgrimages ideally inspire new levels of commitment -- a sandal-strapped Mecca trek can rekindle one's faith, while a romantic Dollywood road trip can rekindle ones desire to become barefoot and pregnant. Inspired by a soul-stirring journey to The Emerald City, Houndstooth Coffee.A one-room, pine-finished caffeine HQ slinging seasonally harvested, single-source beans from some of the nation's most respected suppliers, Tooth's the vision of a former manager of several top Austin espresso joints, who became determined to open his own spot after attending Seattle's CoffeeFest (motto: "Where Coffee & Tea Business Happens", though thanks to the coffee it quickly becomes "(Rhymes with Mitt) Happens"). The centerpiece is a retro Italian Marzocco espresso machine with Moog-looking custom wood paneling, specifically calibrated for each of their espresso roasts, currently being local outfit Cuvee's light & fruity Meritage, Counter Culture (NYC)'s thicker, smoky caramel La Forza, and Black Cat, from Chicago's Intelligentsia, two words that together make you think of one man: Robin Ventura. Non-espresso beans can be prepped via French press, single cup pour-over, or a vacuum siphon system that creates a smoother, tea-like brew; right now, the rotating selection includes Counter Culture's high-elevation, chocolate & stone fruit-y Sumatra, and Intelligentsia's creamy, dried-raspberry-tasting Sera de Bone -- though a nice cup of Sera de Bone Thugs-n-Harmony would help you wake up, wake up, wake up.Beyond getting you wired, Houndstooth can also get you buzzed with a small selection of microbrews and wine, the box version of which you were drinking when that sumbitch said "I will always love you", then got you preggers the first time.

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