Ilsa's Kitchen

Couples often recall their honeymoon as their marriage's most intensely beautiful period: voracious lovemaking, followed by unabashed displays of tenderness, followed by...unabashed displays of sauerkraut. Bringing you their honeymoon's most delicious memories, the owners of Ilsa's Kitchen.Inspired by a newlywed jaunt to Germany, Ilsa's is a traditional Bavarian dining hall, with a lofty light blue ceiling, wood paneling, flags celebrating different German regions, and a lone American flag, proving you can both love it and leave it. The menu starts with house-made pork schnitzels, like the Schnitzel Wiener Art (pan fried cutlet in almond-panko breading), Jagerschnitzel (dark mushroom gravy), Rahmschnitzel (paprika cream sauce), and the zesty tomato/bell pepper/onion sauce Zigeunerschnitzel, a.k.a., "Gypsy Schnitzel", so if it tosses a babyschnitzel, bat it down. Other tongue-twisting entrees include Fleishpflanzl (ground beef & pork patties pan-seared with caramelized onions), Rouladen (thinly sliced beef with mustard, bacon, onion, garlic, and pickles), Maultaschen (locally made pasta pockets stuffed w/ ground beef and cabbage), and Kasespatzle, a baked egg noodle dish with bacon, sauteed onions, and shredded Gruyere -- essentially German mac & cheese, it's a vast improvement over your microwave's Kraftwerk.Ilsa's beer/wine license is pending, but they plan on a wide selection of bottled microbrews, plus Flying Dog Brewery taps including Gonzo Imperial Porter and Dogtoberfest, the voracious consumption of which'll ensure you recall even the sauer'est lovemaking as intensely beautiful.