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Lunch Meet

There's nothing more impressive than a night-owl who can function smoothly during the day while the rest of his cohorts either sleep, or function in a manner described by the people they spill things on as "not smooth". Expanding their late-night business into the daylight, Lunch Meet, open Sunday

A faux-brick interior trailer in the South 1st St food-trailer park, Meet's the new daytime version (11am-8pm) of the post-boozing Red River panini slinger Austin Daily Press, which, like The Situation Room, sounds like a news source but isn't.

Using the same Southern style French bread from Phoenician Bakery, they're rolling out a whole flotilla of fresh styles, starting with a meatball or eggplant Parm, and the salami, capicola, pepperoni, provolone, and 3-pepper relish "EYE-talian", whose taste will hook you almost as fast as phonics did.

They'll also be serving holdovers stuffed with gyro/feta/Israeli salad/tabasco/tzatziki, turkey/bacon/cheddar jack, and fried bologna/cheddar, with all sandwiches now available in large, regular, and "shorty", the last served with a side of auto-tune

Also new: salads (baby arugula/roasted beet/blue cheese/walnut/vinaigrette and mixed greens/cuke/onion/tomato/avocado), and soups including Smoky Vegan tomato and seasonals like gazpacho, borscht, and corn chowder. They're also starting hitting the entire downtown area with bike deliverymen, guys who, like the dude now wearing your "Hangover Frosty" on his sweater, all agree that it's good to avoid a spill.