Mark Joiner Belt Buckles

Men obsess over functionality, but aesthetics can be equally important -- there's a reason women cream for Batman while Inspector Gadget is left go-go-going home alone every night. Adorning your most functional accessory with a touch of glass, Mark Joiner.A 10-year quartz-work veteran, Joiner's specialties are 4-5 layer fused colored glass belt buckles backed by nickel-plated hardware that snaps to straps of raw American leather he personally dyes, conditions, and distresses, a job you'll take over yourself as soon as you get your hands around that next burrito. His Steadfast Collection is the most office-friendly, characterized by dark, earthy colors with brighter accents, e.g., espresso with gray pin-stripes and a cyan streak, matte-finished woodland brown with a steel blue stripe and blue back, and brown bordered by red and espresso, with the color layering visible on the buckle's side edges -- a pleasant detail to point out to your regular un-buckler, to whom you owe as many pleasant details as possible. If texture's your bag, Wood/Water has you covered with single-color buckles sand-blasted to create woodgrain-esque carves in the top layers; for the bolder, there are a selection of peacock-bright colors in bizarre combos and patterns that make up a collection called "Fruit", which'll surely be appreciated by the garishly costumed men who live in your men's cotton briefs. Beyond pants-stabilizers, Joiner also crafts trays and pendents, and does custom work including light fixtures and kitchen tiles -- because there's nothing like an aesthetically pleasing cave to convince women to inspect your gadget.