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New India

America has seduced most of the world's cuisines, but somehow Indian food has resisted despite our best attempts at finger-blasting it into a pizza roll. Finally giving subcontinental grub a familiar rub, New India.A tiny 40-seater adjoined to a kolache shop and still baring the pastel paint-job of former resident Eva B's, NI's helmed by a culinary fusion veteran whose traditional menu's buttressed with bi-national selections that marry the flavors of India with the "it's so easy to stuff in my mouth!" of America. "Indo-Tex" options include quesadillas and flat-bread wraps stuffed with paneer tikka, tandoori chicken, and kheema (goat), as well as Bolly'd up burgers packed with mint-riddled Angus, grilled chicken, and grilled fish fillet, and served alongside exotically spiced "desi fries" -- referring to the South Asian diaspora, not the guy who was always I'm-homing Lucy. On the old-school tip, the "Naked Curry" section includes an array of masala staples (chicken tikka, paneer tikka, and khana), as well as rarer offerings like eggplant shrimp and a Malvani coconut curry they claim you won't find anywhere else in the US, so don't even think about spending the next decade searching for it while growing an unfortunate beard.NI has no booze license, so either BYOB, or wash things down with house-made kiddie drinks like ginger soda or coconut curry juice -- now if it only came in a 48oz sport-top.