Fat-tastic Airstream grub outside a bar

The RV is a ticket to the open road, America's great natural beauty, and brotherhood with fellow travelers. Also, you're fat. So very, very fat. Get that way without leaving Austin, with the Official Muncher Trailer.

Manned by a crew so food-truck savvy they've been hired by restaurants as mobile consultants, OMT's an RV club-inspired, bulging silver Airstream wedged onto the Gibson Bar's soon-to-expand patio, slinging heaping portions of stuff that'll definitely kill you, but hopefully not before...one...more...bite. Served alongside buttermilk-battered potato wedges and signature Trailer Ranch sauce, the symphony of fried-struction kicks off with sandos like the Trailer Burger (a homegrown Luther with 1/4lb patty, bacon, & American/Swiss sandwiched between a fried Round Rock doughnut) and a fried/buttermilk'd chicken breast on TX toast dubbed the Welcome to Texas (if anyone looks at you sideways while eating it, say "Pluck Y'all, I'm from Texas"). OMT also lets the 'dogs out, with the Loaded Baked Potato (all-beef frank split, wrapped in bacon and a crisp slice of Russet, topped w/ queso, sour cream, chives) and a jalapeno jack'd number made with world's-hottest-pepper-incorporating Ghost Pepper Relish, called the Gozerian, which you should definitely order -- to "cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin or to the next convenient parallel dimension".

For the creative lard-butt, any item can be loaded with extras including sauerkraut, chiles, queso, guac, bacon, fried eggs, and...pineapple -- you know, that candy-like ring that's in upside-down cakes?