South Side Sanctuary

No matter how busy you get just getting by, you've got to save time for your dreams, or you'll be like Nic Cage in that movie where success costs him everything he ever loved. No, the movie where success costs him everything he ever loved. For busy screenprinters that haven't lost their way, grab tees from South Side Sanctuary. Run by a tight-knit crew of designers, SSS is a full-service South Austin commercial print shop cranking out 3-5 thousand shirts a week for big-name clients, without sacrificing their own vision -- iconoclastic images influenced by rock, because paper and scissors just don't pack the same wallop. Using American/Alternative Apparel canvasses, the just-dropping 2010 line features F The Power numbers like a liberty-spike mohawked child holding a guitar case overflowing with bills ("Undercover Punk"), "Rockin' Record", a one-eyed piece of vinyl flashing devil horns, and "Radiohead", a neon-blue on heather pair of boomboxes atop the bodies of vintage business folk; there's also a gray-scale series of firearm-brandishing nuns (clearly they're bad mother...superiors). City-pride offerings include an Austin-centric play on the generic drugstore "Thank You" bag logo, a 78745-repping T with "Local" spelled in caps, and a red gauzy typeface that reads "Loco" -- if you don't know that means "Lower Congress", wait 'til 2011's "TOURIST" tee. SSS are working on opening a retail store, but in the meantime you can catch them rolling around SXSW in a custom-painted '79 El Camino with a working screenprinting press in the trunk -- though if you're driving around in a 31-year old vehicle best described as a "cruck", aren't you living your dream already?