Interior Mexican on 7th St

Food trucks are great, but there are certain comforts only owning an actual restaurant can provide, like bathrooms, booze, AC, and knowing your business won't roll downhill over someone's dog. Graduating from the trailer biz, Takoba.From the Tacorrido folks, Takoba dishes out upgraded versions of the same family-recipe interior-Mexico grub from a dimly lit, flat-screened cantina sporting a sand-and-beach chair patio planted with the gigantic flag of our most delicious neighbor (sorry/nous sommes désolés/whatever the Inuit is, Canada). Platos de tacos include the De Chicharron, with pork cracklings and Mexican-harvested nopales, and the Al Pastor (pineapple-marinated pork, cilantro, and onions); or go for enchiladas like de mole con pollo (cilantro, onion, toasted sesame seeds) or tortas like the smoked Salmon, with shaved red onion, roasted garlic/caper cream cheese, and two poached eggs (if the cops ask, just say they were a gift from a friend). For people who actually eat breakfast there's Huevos Motulenos (fried eggs, black beans, ham, peas, salsa roja), Pan Tostado con Platanos (french toast, caramelized plantains in guajillo honey and vanilla whipped cream), and the egg estrellado, salsa roja/verde, and potato Huevos Divorciados, who think marriage is just a yolk. (Yup, that's two egg jokes.)To help you obey your thirst, they're rocking a serious drink list featuring a salsa valentino-abetted cunado michelada and a mango-habanero margarita; then there are not-exactly-Mexican taps such as 512 Pecan Porter, Brooklyn Lager, and Dogfish 60 Min IPA, hopefully not a reminder that thanks to a rogue truck, your dog now sleeps with the fishes.