Food & Drink

Town Market

Little sisters are always trying to stand out, causing their big sisters to say things like "If you keep acting like that, boys aren't going to respect you", and "You're adopted". Standing out with gourmet foodstuffs, Town Market

The Rainey Street satellite to South Austin's Cissi's Market, Town is a blonde-wood, spiral-staircase'd convenience store carrying the most essential Cissi's gourmet dry goods upstairs and a closely curated selection of 40 wines downstairs, alongside a deli case of meats, cheeses, and ready-to-grab sandwiches and desserts (nothing says "I'm in a hurry" like tiramisu).

Not wanting to be just a smaller, perkier version of a beloved standby, Town distinguishes itself with a unique selection of frozen meals like pasta carbonara, spaghetti Bolognese, vegetarian lasagna, and coq au vin, all waiting for you to make like Rafer Alston, and bring the re-Heat.

Town's also offering to-go breakfast, with egg-y tacos from Flaco's (a home-cooking operation run by an upstairs neighbor), and morning drip from Kohana Coffee, Austin roasters who use 100% single-sourced beans from Hawaii, but unfortunately as of yet do not sell t-shirts reading "Caffeine-a-Wanna-Laya"

Because they're secretly eager to please, Town will deliver orders of $20 or more to your doorstep, including alcohol if you fax a scan of your ID, or that of your older sister, even though you don't really look like her at all. Man, that's weird.