Food inspired by an Italian Stallion, and an Italian Mare

It's natural to take after one of your parents more than the other, specifically, whichever one bribed you with the biggest JNCOs in all of Pacific Sunwear. Instead taking after both parents equally, the woman behind Arancini.

Helmed by a French Culinary Institute alum, Arancini is a new arrival to the S 1st Trailer Park, serving small-plate pizano-pleasers based on recipes passed down from her parents, one of whom hails from the northern part of the Boot, the other from the cankle-y south. The dinner-only menu features mozz-stuffed meatball sliders smothered in Bolognese and garnished with a Sicilian olive, lasagna with roasted Romas and Parmesan cream sauce, and the namesake arancini -- a street-food staple of breaded and fried risotto balls stuffed with bacon, pecorino Romano, peas, and mozz, served in the smaller Northern style after test-customers said the larger Sicilian version "just isn't our thing". More mangiare-ables include sauteed shrimp/Parm/arugula flatbread, a salad with poached egg, bacon, bleu cheese & hazelnuts, and fried Brussels sprouts & artichoke hearts, the latter served with lemon aioli, as lemon Aielli can be unbearably dry.

Sweetening the deal: a chocolate brownie frosted with Nutella, and a St. Arnold's float, a delicious reminder of that sad time when Mom/Dad lost your loyalty by sternly announcing that Dippin' Dots were not the future of YOUR ice cream.