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Why Women Have Sex

From "why is she sleeping with that guy?" to "why is she sleeping with that girl?", female sexuality is the deepest of mysteries. To shed a little light, we talked to David Buss, evolutionary psychology professor at UT and co-author of the ultimate bookstore creepy-conversation starter, Why Women Have Sex

Two of the top three reasons women gave for having sex are to "experience physical pleasure" and that it "just feels good". Was the third reason "to achieve cosmic intimacy with my universal partner"?

"I was attracted to the person" was first for both sexes. In terms of cosmic intimacy, it's down around 12 for women -- "emotional closeness", I'm not sure if that qualifies as cosmic. For men, it's down around 14.

You list some behavioral signals women send to attract men, like leaning over to show cleavage or licking lips. Are there any signals men can send, other than just being alive and constantly in need of sex?

Kissinger said power is an aphrodisiac. Women are attracted to men who have status and are the center of attention. If you look at rock stars, some are butt-ugly, but still attractive to women. If you put a Burger King hat on them, women wouldn't find them attractive

What's the story with women "mate poaching"?

Desirable potential (male) mates often get snapped up in relationships, but they don't cease being desirable. Women often don't interpret mate poaching as what they're doing. "We just fell in love," or had an "irresistible attraction." People go to great lengths to make it look like they're not poaching. Look at Angelina Jolie, who probably became involved with Brad Pitt while him and Jennifer Aniston were still together

How did you come to the conclusion that lesbian sex is more likely to lead to orgasms, and do you think that's a good way to talk your girlfriend into a threesome?

Women, being women, know women's bodies more than most men; they know what turns them on, so they're more sensitive to what will turn another women on. Whether that fact will help talk a woman into a threesome, I don't know

You mention that sex without condoms is better at alleviating depression in women, and that semen can enhance a woman's mood. Are women thrilled by the prospect of unintended pregnancy, or is something else going on here?

This is speculation, but I think there are seminal fluid proteins that get absorbed through the vaginal walls and get into the blood stream and affect their brains and moods. There's very good evidence for this in fruit flies

(Go fruit flies)

Do you think reading this book will help a guy be more successful sexually?

Absolutely. Understanding a woman's sexual physiology and psychology, it's got to help. I'd put it on the highly recommended list for all males

Is there a sequel planned? Why men have sex?

There might be. I think it's a book that should get written. It'd probably be a much smaller book.

One last thing: Headaches are a common excuse for not having sex, but you say sex can actually serve to alleviate them?

Right. For the majority of women, not all, but the majority

You also claim that sex can relieve menstrual cramps?

There's evidence for that as well

What about world hunger?

If anything sex burns up calories, so you'll need more food. But it might make you feel better while you're starving.