B. Son

SF's blustery climate demands layering, but the typical North Face-fleece/zipaway-cargo combo leaves you stalking Market Street, looking for people to help you spray-paint seals. Bundle sharply, with B.Son's spring line.Made in SF, B.Son infuses layer-friendly gear with draping Japanese-silhouette styling and the crisp cuts and primary colors of Bauhaus (one ally short of a devastating Axis of Fashion). Start with a Japanese silk, tensel-infused cowl or v-neck tee, then throw on a lightweight cashmere cardigan or deep-v pullover, either of which coordinate with B's understated trousers and Bermudas -- though not with the electric white of your winter calves. When the fog rolls in, wrap up the double-breasted shortened trench with oversized collars -- giving you the look of Count Colombula, Vampire Detective.Check B.Son's site for periodic sample sales at its SOMA headquarters, with free drinks and line-wide discounts up to 50% -- cheapskate shopping, but infinitely more refined than clubbing your outerwear.