Retro-inspired sports apparel in Back Bay

Retro's cool in theory, but too often only serves to remind you that actual old things suck. Get fresh-made throwback gear, at '47. Run by a Dedham-based family, '47 is an exposed-brick, dark-wooded, Persian rug'd space selling uber-high quality retro-style sports tees and hoodies, all handmade and stitched in Peru using 100% Pima Cotton. The stash starts with loads of Boston-based college and pro offerings, including tees with the batshit crazy 1950s-era Red Sox logo, old-school Celts, Bruins, and BC shirts, even a Northeastern hoodie with a vintage Huskies logo that recalls a time when men ate cigarettes for breakfast, and Northeastern was a commuter school. They also carry an eclectic mix of non-Beantown teams, from Bo Jackson-era Auburn action, to North Dakota Fighting Sioux hoodies, to a '67 Denver tee whose rainbow logo suggests the Nuggets once played for the other team. For your head, '47 also stocks super-limited edition, garment-washed, hand-embroidered Sox hats in newly invented styles -- because there's a fine line between wearing retro style, and stuff that's straight up old.