Adidas Garnett x Chelsea Football Club

Man has long combined sports to ratchet up the excitement: swimmers brought a volleyball into the pool and gave the world water polo, while hippies brought a Frisbee onto the golf course and gave the world yet another reason to hit them with clubs. Combining sports to clothe you, the Adidas Garnett x Chelsea TS Commander LT.

Celebrating his love of Chelsea soccer, basketball, and anything else he can get super intense about, KG's teamed up with CFC, Adidas, and that-sneaker-spot-with-the-fake-drink-machine-door to release a new limited edition commemorative collab pack combining two of The Big Ticket's utmost passions, meaning the only one left to incorporate is chasing Jose Calderon around the back court. Shoewise, the hi-top Commander rocks a split suede upper in iconic Chelsea royal blue/white w/ three fat stripes and yellow accents, a herringbone outsole, shock-absorbing midsole laser-etched with a soccer ball pattern, and the team's traditional lion crest embossed on the tongue, which feels totally different than just using Altoids. In addition to the kicks, the pack also's got an official replica royal blue CFC jersey w/ Samsung logo across the front and KG's name/number "5" on the back, and a traditional blue/yellow team scarf with the Chelsea crest on one side and scripted "Bodega" on the other, depending on whether you want people to know you as a lover of Premier League football, or Croissant Pockets.

For those who don't get amped to go to Phoenix Landing on Saturday mornings, you can snag Garnett's Celtics white/Celtic's green Commanders in early October, providing you the necessary ankle support to properly flee those dudes in Ashworth polos brandishing nine irons in an attempt to harsh the mellow of your Fall Frolf league title match.