Bodega's Winter Collection

You always believed you were too cool for school, until you graduated and realized you'd ditch your kidneys just to go back to getting drunk on beer seven nights a week. Shout out that class-skipping Shangri-La, with Bodega's Winter Collection.

Freshly designed in-house, Bodega's cold-weather-gear uses burly materials (wool, corduroy, etc) to put their own spin on Collegiate Fall in New England, or what the rest of the country calls "New England". Skull-covers include wool 5950 College Block Letter hats (red/gold, black/green, beefy blue-brown check flannel), fitted "Cursive B" corduroy numbers (navy/light blue, green/gold, tan) and a tan cord trapper hat with hunter green fleeced wool -- coveted, as those sheep are really hard to find. Keeping your body clement are fully-lined quilted super-heavyweight zip hoodies w/stitched lettering or a Bodega crest patch on the chest (black/red interior, navy), and several new tees undermining your learning curve: Bodega's name spray-painted on Stonehenge, a Da Vinci painting with a Terminator-esque cyborg eye, and a play on childhood throwback D.A.R.E., whose caption "Because Kids and Drugs and Stuff" is just slightly more effective than the original.

For Spring, Bodega plans to go nautical, with seersucker and other lightweight materials juxtapositioned "in cool ways" -- so Bodega's still too cool for school, but not too cool for yachting.