Grenson Shoes

Especially when you're little, moving to a new place sucks, unless that place provides a perfect storm of shoemaking that enables you to create a company that dominates footwear for 180 years, after getting over the fact that you no longer have a tire swing. Having already done all that, and now finally moving to Boston, Grenson

Just landed in the Hub, Grenson's an old-school handcrafted English dress shoemaker, whose creator moved with his mum when he was four to Northamptonshire, an area whose forests (tanning material), water supply (power), and grassy plains (a sh*t ton of hides) meant he basically had no choice but to make kick-ass shoes all day. Highlights from their "younger", more affordable Rushden Range collection include the leather-soled Baker, a casual soft-heeled wingtip made of black or brown deerskin; the Kirk, a brown oak suede-uppered, open-laced, leather-soled blucher; and the double-leather-soled Turley dress shoe featuring punched Oxford brogue leather in "Cognac calf", an after-dinner cow beloved by classily drunk grannys and Damon Dash. The range also has a sweet selection of boots, like the Leach, a crepe-soled chukka boot w/ a polo brown suede upper; the mid-ankle dress boot, Hudson, in two-toned "aviator" brown w/ a double leather sole; and the Dainite-soled, "burnt pine calf" leather high-ankle Ellis Army boot featuring wingtip-esque design on the toe, to ensure you look your best during Outward Bound's Sadie Hawkins

If you wanna ball for real, they've also got the more upscale Rose Collection featuring "the finest calf leathers and suedes", like the fully leather lined "classic brogue" wingtip Albert in tan calf, the black calf plain derby Walsgrave, and the lace-up country boot Bleasdale w/ a "commando sole", eerily similar to the ones Sgt Slaughter was wearing when you left him in that big rubber swing, right next to your innocence.