Wings + Horns

Sweatpants are like a childhood blankie, protecting you in a maternal cocoon of luscious sloth -- unfortunately, wearing them in public will make people assume you've just rushed out of your burning apartment. Get the comfort without looking like you're newly homeless, with Wings + Horns.

From a Japanese-Canadian design team, W&H's Winter line of shirts, blazers, and outerwear utilizes various styles of heavyweight cotton in nonpareil ways, resulting in gear fit for hitting the town, hitting the office, or even classily hitting the delivery Thai food. Highlights start with going-out friendly hoodies, in styles like two-color waffle-knit (white/grey, grey/navy), two-button shawl neck (navy or grey), brown terry button up cardigan, and the Tiger Fleece, which features a soft speckled cotton outside, soft terry interior and, holding it all together, a "double Lampo", the Bentley of the zipper world. Taking things up a notch: the black, peacoat-like Mackinaw jacket with six smuggler-friendly front button pockets, and a black two-button fleece blazer -- crucial attire for business-casual jumping jacks.

Other highlights include organic cotton tees, waffle-knit cotton scarves, a zip and button black and grey flannel wool shirt, and the decidedly non-cotton "Leather Service" boots that look more worn in and aged than an overused blankie, minus the stiffened sweat of your pyrophobic night terrors.