fin art

When people can't afford something, they put it on credit; when they can't afford lots of things, they hire that consolidation company with the hilariously depressing commercials -- good thing they layawayed that TV, or they never would've seen them! Actually making what they need, and selling you the rest, fin art. After graduating from CU Boulder and not being able to afford furniture, these friends since middle school decided to build their own, self-sufficiency that's blossomed into a custom business run out of a workshop behind their shared Baker house; the one-of-a-kinds mostly use materials scavenged from scrapyards and alleyways, or as gamblers enjoying Blackhawk and Central City's new high limits will soon call them, home. Some already-commissioned masterpieces: The Nautilus Conference Table A glass-topped conveyor belt sourced from a warehouse filled with discarded mining equipment, which they claimed by shouting "It's mine! All mine!" Or if they didn't, they must be kicking themselves after reading this.The Airplane Coffee Table When it's complete, its walnut plywood will match the curve of a wing they found in an airline graveyard, right next to free meals, pillows, attractive stewardesses, and respect.The "Skin" Cube fin was asked by the DAM to make something with a "skin" theme, which they decided meant "using all the materials we have handy" (metal, walnut, paint, MDF, glass, spraypaint stencils) to construct this 1'x1'x1' sculpture. An eccentric interpretation, but at least they didn't have to put the lotion in the basket.Adding transport to their DIY repertoire, fin has also started handcrafting longboards, which they give away free to friends, and sometimes to customers -- just be careful, lest you consolidate with the truck hauling away some other poor schmuck's lots-of-things.