Thaiku's tiny curiosity shop

They say curiosity killed the cat, but what if it also killed a cow, stuffed it, and sold it in a shop along with an old banjo, water buffalo horns and a 20-foot folded gum-wrapper chain? Well, it did. So check it out at Also. The high-concept creative types behind a bunch of Ballard restos like The Copper Gate (and its' P*ssy Room) and Thai Ku/Fu Kun Wu, have turned the latter's former smoking lounge into what is very probably the city's smallest/strangest retail space, with antique cabinetry packed w/ dudeish nicknacks and curios, and white walls canvassed in original early 20th century art and said cow's head -- how (you like me) now brown cow? The shop slings mostly absurd one-off/WTF-is-that-kinda items pillaged from storage units; wall works like a 1954 drawing by Seattle's Morris Graves, a '46 Fortune Magazine w/ cover art by Jacob Lawrence, and an old "Kids at Play" street sign depicting a kid in pedal pushers and knee-socks; they've also got a petrified whale ear, 8 wooden little piggy shaped cutting boards, the aforementioned hand-assembled gum-wrapper rope, and from the old Klineburger Taxidermy studio, a pen & pencil holder made from a caribou's nutsack, leaving no room for a joke. Also on hand is boldly-styled, hand-crafted mewlery imported from Thailand, like a woven wrist-band and a braided wire necklace in sterling silver, also the name of Brian Austin Green's highlight reel from his work on 90210. Finally there's a large collection of hand-letter-set, individually printed holiday cards/calendars/gift tags by Seattle's renown Ilee Papergoods that'll make your mom's day today and satisfy the curiosity/line the litter box of her cat tomorrow.